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Office Premises in the Terrum Business Center (Minsk) to Rent

If you want to rent office spaces not far from a subway station in Minsk, then renting commercial properties in the Terrum business center will be the best choice for you. The business center is located right beside Institut Kultury subway station. A convenient location is just one of its numerous benefits, but if you want to rent an office in the center of Minsk, it is likely that this advantage will be a decisive one.

The BNK-Estate Company provides services on renting office spaces in the Terrum business center on a principal to principal basis. You can fully enjoy not only a convenient location of the business center, but also other conditions, making it possible to focus on business activities in a comfortable environment without taking care of office maintenance.

The professional facility management allows achieving the maximum economic impact in the result of the commercial property usage. Renters of office premises in the Terrum business center don`t have to be engaged in installation, repairing and maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning systems, power and heating networks, water supply systems; cleaning of offices and nearby territories; building security services; Internet connection and any other issues, connected with office maintenance.

If you want to rent an office premise, please, look through the characteristics of the premises offered in the Terrum business center and send us a completed application form.

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