About us

About the company

BNK Estate is a real estate development company, specializes in commercial and retail property

The BNK Estate Company was established in 2006 and holds the leading position among the most successful and dynamic real estate development companies, carrying out investment activities in Minsk. The basis of BNK Estate’s spectacular growth is build upon experienced specialists, working in the sphere of a commercial real estate from 1998.

The team consists of efficient and highly skilled professionals, united by a common objective. Our company contributes to creation of a civilized property market by implementing the investment plan, providing high-quality service, and fulfillment of the Company’s obligations on a professional level. BNK Estate’s portfolio includes four large property units: three business-centers and one shopping mall.

In 2009 BNK Estate put into operation the first 17-storey business-center, the Silver Tower Business Center, located at 1-st Zagorodny Pereulok. In the same year, few months later, Rubin Plaza, a 7-storey business center, situated at Dzerzhinskij Avenue, has opened its doors.
Another large-scale investment project was implemented by BNK Estate in 2012. Galileo Mall, one of the most popular shopping and office centers in Minsk, came into service and won the Realt Golden Key 2015 Award in the category “Best Shopping Center”.
The Terrum Business Center, the third business center of the Company, located at Moskovskaya Street, was opened in 2014.
Implementation of such large-scale investment projects in the sphere of commercial properties makes BNK Estate one of the major real estate development companies in the Republic of Belarus.

The major areas of the BNK Estate Company’s activity:

  • Real estate development, renting of office and shop premises
    Efficient organization and management of investment-construction projects, professional design and planning, effective property management.
  • Retail Property Management
    Application of modern techniques and technical solutions for effective use of intelligent technologies in sales, carrying out retail property analytycs. BNK Estate is a right holder of such brands as «Calliope» and «Terranova» within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Professional Facility Management
    Provision of services on professional facility management, including the infrastructure management and control of any other processes, which are essential for effective exploitation of commercial properties.

We offer a full range of services, including installation, repairing and maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation systems, performance of all construction and finishing works, works on landscaping of the adjoining territories, as well as providing services on office cleaning and office maintenance. BNK Estate pays a special attention to the robust security systems, a 24-hour guard security and building access control systems.

Benefits of cooperation with the BNK Estate Company:

  • A real estate development company, investing to its own projects;
  • Professional commercial property management;
  • Active cooperation with foreign partners and investors;
  • Quality control and monitoring of performance at all stages of the project implementation;
  • Introduction of innovative technologies;
  • Cost saving of business process maintenance for renters.
  • BNK Estate is focused on a long-term friendly and professional relationship and uses an individual approach to each client.

                                                                       BNK Estate is a business partner you can rely on!